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When I am back on my feet again…

When I am back on my feet again… It has been a long time since I wrote something here, and with that said there are explanations for this, but it should not be an excuse to write, so after a conversation with a good friend to me, my friend pointed this out and proclaimed that I would share my thoughts when she thought it might be of interest. Said and done, I’m writing now, sharing with my latest scattered thoughts. Facing different challenges and difficulties, Continue reading →

First impression – part oneFörsta intrycket – del ett

First impression We previously discussed how to attain goals and what is needed to attain these goals. Now it’s time to discuss ‘The First Impression’; how you represent and how you sell yourself. Personally, I think as sellers, we underestimate and sometimes ignore the importance of ‘first impressions’ to have a successful sale. Remember that you rarely get a second chance to make a first good impression. It’s about you and your charisma, how you communicate, who you are or how you sell yourself, what Continue reading →

Discipline – How to reach your goalsDisciplin – Hur Du når Dina mål

Discipline. It’s all about discipline today and how I discovered how important the ATTITUDE of discipline is. I decided to compete for one last time. Yes, I know, I said that last time too, but this time around was more of an experiment where you get in shape even on a somewhat ‘controversial’ approach. In January 2014, the last trip began, with a more strict diet, a more planned approach, an improved preparation and a structure that was well in, appropriate. Rules and reports was Continue reading →

Scattered thoughts part 2Spridda tankar om lite av varje del 2

Scattered thoughts part 2. It is time to balance what I wrote about in a previous post, the other side of how you feel or how you might have felt during your day, weekday or holiday. The previous post was perhaps not the most positive, but I think without known deep anxiety, brokenness and heart-breaking mental pain it’s hard to just be able to know and appreciate the liberating, euphoric and essentially spiritual elation that we want to experience. Without experiencing endless grief, it is Continue reading →

Scattered thoughts…Spridda tankar…Mawazo kidogo kidogo…

Scattered thoughts on a little bit of everything. Goals, results and dreams. I am writing about the aims, I type about consequences and I print visual images. It sounds so good, it seems so easy and it seems so obvious, natural and true. It’s just to get a grip, set your goals and do what it takes. Basically, just face it. Well, what if it were as simple as it sounds, to just do it, just go ahead, be full of purposes and keep focused Continue reading →

Dreams versus GoalsDrömmar kontra målNdoto na malengo, tofauti yake ni nini?

DREAMS VERSUS GOALS. Dreams vs. goals, what’s the difference? So many times, the two have been confused. Is a goal similar to a dream? Is a dream similar to a goal? Let’s see: I have heard many continually repeat the ‘I have a dream’ line born by the Human Rights Activitist, Martin Luther King. But how does one convert the ‘dream’ to a goal? In my field, I find dreams more abstract while goals are more concrete. Why do I say this? Well, a dream, Continue reading →