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First impression part 2Första intrycket del 2

First impression part 2 We continue with the ’first impression’ and I intend to go a little deeper today. I will show the importance of personal charisma and how you communicate. There are some studies done on the basis of this and I choose to focus on just that because as a seller we forget how important this is, concentrating more on sales techniques and product knowledge. As I see it, both selling techniques and product knowledge is of secondary importance. Truth is if you Continue reading →

Perseverance is a virtueUthållighet är en dygdUvumilivuni ushindi

As a seller you will sometimes end up in situations you do not have control over. These may be due to factors that are beyond your control. I will give you an example from my everyday life: It happened at the time that after I have held a lecture to a group of senior managers and sales directors, one company showed an interest in an arrangement of sales training for their sales staff in the organization. The company is reasonably large, to say the least, Continue reading →