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Your Personal LeadershipDitt Personliga LedarskapKujiongoza mwenyewe

Your personal leadership As we go into the leadership topic, we need to discuss personal leadership that is the basis of everything as it is all about the way you lead yourself. If you live on your own, you will find out that during adversity it might turn out that personal leadership becomes a challenge. The basis for us to develop as leaders applies theories that I have discussed in a previous post. To clarify this, the rehearsal process below: This is: Do an analysis Continue reading →

Scattered thoughts part 2Spridda tankar om lite av varje del 2

Scattered thoughts part 2. It is time to balance what I wrote about in a previous post, the other side of how you feel or how you might have felt during your day, weekday or holiday. The previous post was perhaps not the most positive, but I think without known deep anxiety, brokenness and heart-breaking mental pain it’s hard to just be able to know and appreciate the liberating, euphoric and essentially spiritual elation that we want to experience. Without experiencing endless grief, it is Continue reading →

Today is a great day! A fantastic day!Idag är en stor och fantastisk dag…Leo ni siku myhimu sana

Today is a great day! A fantastic day! Today is the beginning. It’s the day that I welcome you to join me into my world, views and opinions. It is the first day of the rest of our lives. So, where do we start? Development? Yes! If we want to create development, which is the basic idea of ​​this blog, it all begins with ‘WILL’. It all starts with that. If the will is there, the next step is, CHANGE! Yes, believe it or not, Continue reading →