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What makes a good leader / managerVad gör en bra ledare / chef

What makes a good leader / manager? More often than not I am asked what skills a good manager/good leader needs to possess. Personally there are some things that I believe are vital and which I have worked on to be as good leader as possible. These skills have been fundamental for me to have as a base as a manager and leader. They are: 1. Focused on success and results, while you take a: 2. Clear role as a team player and coordinator. The Continue reading →

The 3 most important questions… De 3 viktigaste frågorna…

The three most important questions, and two additional follow up question, in a sales call. I have now come to the point where I want to share with you how I see it considering how to open and get ahead in the sales calls. I mean in all seriousness, for me it really only takes 3 questions and two follow-up question to get to a conclusion, a sell, or a continuation with the customer. This is my own experience, and I noticed the strong impact Continue reading →

Dreams versus GoalsDrömmar kontra målNdoto na malengo, tofauti yake ni nini?

DREAMS VERSUS GOALS. Dreams vs. goals, what’s the difference? So many times, the two have been confused. Is a goal similar to a dream? Is a dream similar to a goal? Let’s see: I have heard many continually repeat the ‘I have a dream’ line born by the Human Rights Activitist, Martin Luther King. But how does one convert the ‘dream’ to a goal? In my field, I find dreams more abstract while goals are more concrete. Why do I say this? Well, a dream, Continue reading →