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Free the Rebel in you…Frigör Rebellen i Dig…

Free the rebel in you … So, today I would like to take the chance to address, call it an annoyance if you like, or something else, but sometimes we need to release the rebel inside us. What do I mean by that? Well, as always, I base this on my own experiences and I have been brought up in the best way by my parents. With that said, I was raised to humbly and gratefully receive the gifts from heaven, bow, bend and to Continue reading →

A thought of gratitude might be in place…Lite tacksamhet kanske är på sin plats…

A thought of gratitude might be in place … Sometimes I think life sucks, yes, true, I really do. Life is a bitch. When I sit there alone on my balcony and look out into the empty air and I’ve had a crap day, with many setbacks and difficulties to handle, I think just that, life is a bitch. At this moment, I sometimes remember that there are people out there who have or have had it worse and come back. This is a little Continue reading →

Alternative preparationAlternativ förberedelse

Alternative preparation It’s time for me to tell you how I got into shape in an alternative way that might be contrary to any myth or belief. Before the Tammerpokalen 2013, I had a structured plan on exercise and dieting. Just a disclaimer, everyone’s body is different so this regime might not necessarily work for everyone like it did for me. Speaking of which, I don’t know of anyone who would recommend this diet…….I went a little crazy with it. In October 2012, I decided to start Continue reading →

The 3 most important questions… De 3 viktigaste frågorna…

The three most important questions, and two additional follow up question, in a sales call. I have now come to the point where I want to share with you how I see it considering how to open and get ahead in the sales calls. I mean in all seriousness, for me it really only takes 3 questions and two follow-up question to get to a conclusion, a sell, or a continuation with the customer. This is my own experience, and I noticed the strong impact Continue reading →


This was a small essay I wrote when time was kind of ruff for me. I want to share this with you as life has its ups and downs. My blog is all about sharing, not only happy moments, but also about how to feel the hardest pain, and how to come back from that. Without having experienced the true and hard facts in life as sadness and pain, I dont beleive you can feel the real joy and happiness you deserve. But again, this Continue reading →

Birger Axelsson – My father, my role model and my idol…Birger Axelsson – Min far, min förebild och min idol…

It has now gone 3 years since my father passed away, with this I want to salute him and honor him in my own way. My dedication to you father, I know you look after me from above, as I am now in your land, Tanzania. Birger Axelsson. What is there to say about my father? When I know that my opinion and view of him  will most definitely differ from others? Many have seen one side of him, I have seen another. And today, Continue reading →

The most beautiful hands I ever met…De vackraste händer jag mött…

Sometimes in life we experience losses and more. This is my story of a moment where I lost someone very special. I just want to pay her a tribute. This is for you B, where ever you are… The most beautiful hands I’ve ever met. Sometimes something happens that affects you more than you ever thought. 2014-12-08, I just experienced such a thing. I woke up to the pep on my phone, a text message, half past seven in the morning. The sender was a Continue reading →

Your Personal LeadershipDitt Personliga LedarskapKujiongoza mwenyewe

Your personal leadership As we go into the leadership topic, we need to discuss personal leadership that is the basis of everything as it is all about the way you lead yourself. If you live on your own, you will find out that during adversity it might turn out that personal leadership becomes a challenge. The basis for us to develop as leaders applies theories that I have discussed in a previous post. To clarify this, the rehearsal process below: This is: Do an analysis Continue reading →

Discipline – How to reach your goalsDisciplin – Hur Du når Dina mål

Discipline. It’s all about discipline today and how I discovered how important the ATTITUDE of discipline is. I decided to compete for one last time. Yes, I know, I said that last time too, but this time around was more of an experiment where you get in shape even on a somewhat ‘controversial’ approach. In January 2014, the last trip began, with a more strict diet, a more planned approach, an improved preparation and a structure that was well in, appropriate. Rules and reports was Continue reading →

Scattered thoughts part 2Spridda tankar om lite av varje del 2

Scattered thoughts part 2. It is time to balance what I wrote about in a previous post, the other side of how you feel or how you might have felt during your day, weekday or holiday. The previous post was perhaps not the most positive, but I think without known deep anxiety, brokenness and heart-breaking mental pain it’s hard to just be able to know and appreciate the liberating, euphoric and essentially spiritual elation that we want to experience. Without experiencing endless grief, it is Continue reading →