YCDBSOYA, (You can’t do business sitting on your ass) Yes, exactly. When I was a young and aspiring sales rep, this abbreviation, was put on a tie clip, and we who had this we were the cool guys. Anyway, it brings some sense to me, and why I take up this topic is due to the mindset of people out there that think that they don’t need to do the work, the nitty gritty things. They want all served on a silver plate. But sorry Continue reading →

Quantity gives qualityKvantitet ger kvalitet

Quantity produces quality Today we will take up a topic that many would consider controversial how I think that quantity produces quality. Let me show you examples of where many sellers say that they would rather have quality customer visits than quantitative. I think it’s a lot of bullshit. What is the quality of customer visits? According to me its customer visits that give an order, period. According to many sellers, the time given to a customer is equal to quality. In other words, the Continue reading →

You are my soldiers…

This was a speech I held for my sales officers in order for them to realize what is required to be a successful Sales Officer and what I expected from them. Enjoy: You are my soldiers.   I stand in front of you because we have a war to win a combat to fight and a battle to do. We need to be prepared, trained and suited up. I will give you all the things you need for this war. All the weapon you need, Continue reading →

The 3 most important questions… De 3 viktigaste frågorna…

The three most important questions, and two additional follow up question, in a sales call. I have now come to the point where I want to share with you how I see it considering how to open and get ahead in the sales calls. I mean in all seriousness, for me it really only takes 3 questions and two follow-up question to get to a conclusion, a sell, or a continuation with the customer. This is my own experience, and I noticed the strong impact Continue reading →

First impression part 2Första intrycket del 2

First impression part 2 We continue with the ’first impression’ and I intend to go a little deeper today. I will show the importance of personal charisma and how you communicate. There are some studies done on the basis of this and I choose to focus on just that because as a seller we forget how important this is, concentrating more on sales techniques and product knowledge. As I see it, both selling techniques and product knowledge is of secondary importance. Truth is if you Continue reading →

First impression – part oneFörsta intrycket – del ett

First impression We previously discussed how to attain goals and what is needed to attain these goals. Now it’s time to discuss ‘The First Impression’; how you represent and how you sell yourself. Personally, I think as sellers, we underestimate and sometimes ignore the importance of ‘first impressions’ to have a successful sale. Remember that you rarely get a second chance to make a first good impression. It’s about you and your charisma, how you communicate, who you are or how you sell yourself, what Continue reading →

PPSR – Planning – preparation – structure and rulesPFSR – Planering – förberedelser – struktur och reglerMMMT – Mipango – Maandalizi – Muundo – Taratibu & Taarifa

PPSR Wondering what PPSR is? Wonder no more. Today we discuss how to proceed after realizing that you have a dream, made it a goal and are now prepared, ready to do what is necessary to achieve your goal. Making your dreams come true. Personally, I work under the following “laws”: • Planning • Preparation • Structure • Rules & Reports Planning. Whether it is on a sale, gym work out or finally quitting smoking, I know that planning is crucial. The goal has a Continue reading →

Dreams versus GoalsDrömmar kontra målNdoto na malengo, tofauti yake ni nini?

DREAMS VERSUS GOALS. Dreams vs. goals, what’s the difference? So many times, the two have been confused. Is a goal similar to a dream? Is a dream similar to a goal? Let’s see: I have heard many continually repeat the ‘I have a dream’ line born by the Human Rights Activitist, Martin Luther King. But how does one convert the ‘dream’ to a goal? In my field, I find dreams more abstract while goals are more concrete. Why do I say this? Well, a dream, Continue reading →

Perseverance is a virtue, part 2, or Never give up on your dream!Uthållighet är en dygd del 2, eller ge ALDRIG upp Din dröm!Kamwe usikate tamaa katika ndoto zako, sehemu ya 2!

I want with this topic in part 2, to raise another experience I recently had. We all have dreams, big or small, but dreams we have. I also have more or less preached about taking the abstract dream and turn it into a concrete goal. So, since I live by that not only preaching but also do what I preach, I should of course lead by example. My dream has always been about to return to my country of birth, Tanzania and East Africa, the Continue reading →

Perseverance is a virtueUthållighet är en dygdUvumilivuni ushindi

As a seller you will sometimes end up in situations you do not have control over. These may be due to factors that are beyond your control. I will give you an example from my everyday life: It happened at the time that after I have held a lecture to a group of senior managers and sales directors, one company showed an interest in an arrangement of sales training for their sales staff in the organization. The company is reasonably large, to say the least, Continue reading →