Dear GodKära Gud

Dear God! Hello God, my creator and my companion in life. I’m writing to you because I have some thoughts and ideas that I want to discuss with you and maybe get some sense of. I want to share with you how I look at religion in general and you in particular. It is possible that what I write to you may be perceived as if I swear in the church, but these thoughts I had for many years and as time passes, the more Continue reading →

Follow you dream – or just do it!Följ Din dröm – eller gör det bara!

Follow your dream, or just do it, a matter of discipline. I want here and now to encourage everyone to grab their dream and make it a goal. I’ll just give an example of this as I just made that. I have always dreamt of writing a book and also be able to reach out to more with my words and my stories. Not just a book for learning purposes, but also a book in the form of a short story or novel. Fantasies about Continue reading →

A sunrise to be seen…

A sunrise to be seen… Some mornings are just more fantastic than others. Some mornings come to surprise you just a bit more than others. Some mornings come to make you realize that nature is just fantastic. When that specific morning occurs and you see that specific sunrise, you just get blown away. When that specific sunrise colours the sky with a power as the heaven was on fire, you just need to conquer. When that specific sunrise fires up the heavenly sky and blow Continue reading →


Unleash the speaker in you! So you find yourself stumbling over the right words to say. You might having problem to say what you want and to get the message through. Maybe you are talking to soft or to loud, sweating, shivering, hyperventilating and just plane nervous when talking to a crowd. We have all been there, and there are techniques to deal with all this. Sign up and unleash the speaker in you. Just do it. Do it now. You are worth it. Unleash Continue reading →

Proactive versus ReactiveProaktiv kontra ReaktivKupangilia mambo ya baadae vs kutokuwa na mipango ya mamboya baadae

Proactive vs Reactive Today’s topic of discussion has become increasingly common in my social circle; controlling time, being controlled by it and how it becomes a proactive or reactive thing. What I have noticed is that poor planning, shaky preparation and inept structure is guided by what’s going on around you in terms of time, information, and people. You end up in the backwater constantly because poor planning results to poor time management. If you have a task to be completed by a certain date, Continue reading →

Explaining – Demonstrating – Applying – ConsolidatingUpplysa – Visa – Använda – BefästaMaelezo – Uthibitisho – Kuweka – Ujumuishaji

E D A C In the previous post, I talked about raising Explaining, Demonstrating, Applying and Consolidating. I want to go a little further into this today. As a manager and leader, it is important for messages to get through to the company/juniors and implemented. To ensure that happens, the following has to happen; • Explaining – To enlighten and inform your employees on the task ahead. What to do, and when to do it. Take a simple example answering the phone. You should talk Continue reading →

I sit by her bed…Jag sitter vid hennes säng…

I sit by her bed as she sleeps so still I realize that the night’s good angels are present, spreading their broad and protective wings over her. I hear her calm breath, in deep sleep, as I marvel at her beautiful face, her soft skin radiating the room, her features… oh! I sure did get lucky finding love, love with a beautiful woman. My mind wanders to the day I first met her. When I got to hold her hand for the first time. How it slowly crept Continue reading →

Discipline – How to reach your goalsDisciplin – Hur Du når Dina mål

Discipline. It’s all about discipline today and how I discovered how important the ATTITUDE of discipline is. I decided to compete for one last time. Yes, I know, I said that last time too, but this time around was more of an experiment where you get in shape even on a somewhat ‘controversial’ approach. In January 2014, the last trip began, with a more strict diet, a more planned approach, an improved preparation and a structure that was well in, appropriate. Rules and reports was Continue reading →