You are my soldiers…

This was a speech I held for my sales officers in order for them to realize what is required to be a successful Sales Officer and what I expected from them. Enjoy: You are my soldiers.   I stand in front of you because we have a war to win a combat to fight and a battle to do. We need to be prepared, trained and suited up. I will give you all the things you need for this war. All the weapon you need, Continue reading →

What makes a good leader / managerVad gör en bra ledare / chef

What makes a good leader / manager? More often than not I am asked what skills a good manager/good leader needs to possess. Personally there are some things that I believe are vital and which I have worked on to be as good leader as possible. These skills have been fundamental for me to have as a base as a manager and leader. They are: 1. Focused on success and results, while you take a: 2. Clear role as a team player and coordinator. The Continue reading →

Leadership ladderLedarskapstrappanNgazi za uongozi

Leadership Ladder As a new or existing manager/leader, self-appointed or promoted, you have taken a step into a different type of challenge. You have chosen to move forward in your development, (personal or professional) to advance, go forward and be successful, successful in moving forward. This new development will definitely require you to apply other qualities that you may have never been demanded from you. I will explain this. Say that you have been a fantastic sales rep and your results have proven that, you Continue reading →

Your Personal LeadershipDitt Personliga LedarskapKujiongoza mwenyewe

Your personal leadership As we go into the leadership topic, we need to discuss personal leadership that is the basis of everything as it is all about the way you lead yourself. If you live on your own, you will find out that during adversity it might turn out that personal leadership becomes a challenge. The basis for us to develop as leaders applies theories that I have discussed in a previous post. To clarify this, the rehearsal process below: This is: Do an analysis Continue reading →