Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Holy Virtues – Number 1. Pride and Humility

My free and most personal interpretation and view on the sins and virtues.

After studying about the sins and the virtues, I decided to do something in my own way. It had to bee in a way that suited me, both pedagogic and simple.

Here is my explanation.

When it comes to the sins, they are very clear about what a sin is and how to symbolize it. The colours and the animals are there and have been there for years and years to go.

In my way you can see by the colour what the sin is, that is the colour of the painting including the animal which the sin stands for symbolically.

The virtues however, have never, according to my knowledge, been symbolized, either by colour or animal, so it was up to me to find something suitable. My own interpretation.

Regarding the colours, I have made them both easy for me, as in a way, clear, as the virtues are the opposite of the sins, so would then also the colours be.

Looking at the colour circle, on can see what the contrasting colour is.

What the heart is filled with, the mouth speaks, symbolized by the heart and the mouth in the paintings.

What we in thoughts, words and doings, both sins and virtues, is my way of showing the man and his thoughts.

Another thing that is a contrast, is when you look at the paintings, you can see that everything is the reverse, as in a mirror, reflecting, the location of the animal, the man and how the colour “moves”.

It is my sincere hope and wish that you as a spectator can find my interpretation giving/rewarding, as well as understandable, and maybe feel how I felt while painting them.

There are more virtues that is commonly known in this matter, but I have focused on the main 7 sins as well as the 7 holy virtues.

We also have the 3 theological virtues, as they are far to important to ignore and disregard.

Personally, this was an exciting journey and I have now reached the goal through my suite or the 15 paintings. They are now done.

I wish you a nice journey in my way of showing my personal take on the topic.

Micael Tanzborn

All paintings by the author.

Seven Sins and Seven Virtues – 1

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