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YCDBSOYA, (You can’t do business sitting on your ass)

Yes, exactly. When I was a young and aspiring sales rep, this abbreviation, was put on a tie clip, and we who had this we were the cool guys.

Anyway, it brings some sense to me, and why I take up this topic is due to the mindset of people out there that think that they don’t need to do the work, the nitty gritty things. They want all served on a silver plate.

But sorry to say, life is a bitch, life is unfair, just face it, face the reality and welcome to real world of life. The silver plate is only an image and only Jesus could turn 5 pieces of bread and 2 fishes into something that fed thousands. He is also for me knowingly the only one that turned water into wine.

Get up, get going and do something, anything. Change your perspective, change your mode of operation and change your approach. Chase the cheese.

This is not only words for me, I have been there, believe me, I have done that, I can assure you and I have been forced to get my fat ass up and running! This is not some “wiseguy” trying to give you some ordinary blaha blaha, or some jadda jadda. Over the years I have dealt with issues you don’t even know about, that needed me to get up and going, not sitting on my ass and just do nothing.

In other meaning, if you are looking for a job, you cannot rely on others to hand you a job, you have to work for it as well. What others do for you is a bonus and a blessing.

If you are trying to succeed in sales, you need to do the hard and dirty work, not waiting for the customers to call you.

You have to put in the long hours, you have to put in the sweat and you have to put some grit, period.

I repeat, YCDBSOYA, and even if you have a sitting on your ass job, it still needs for you to react, interact and do something whilst you are sitting on that ass of yours.

Again, YCDBSOYA, is part or reality and it reflects on the many situations in our life:

  • Love life – you will never get your love of your life just sitting at home and wait for your dream girl/guy to knock on your door.
  • Food – Either you have to cook the meal, or you order someone to do it for you, it will not just appear out of thin air.
  • Loosing weight, gaining weight – Well, I think you are getting my point here, you need to do some serious sweating or eating.
  • Job – Yes, I repeat, you need to put in the hours, no one will know about you if you don’t show yourself, period.
  • Sales and business – Go out, do cold calls, visit, interact, DO SOMETHING!

I believe we only have two “mustdo” or what we are obliged to do in life:

  • We must die, eventually, that is a fact.
  • We must choose. In other words, you choose to sit on your ass waiting and doing nothing, YSDBSOYA, or you choose to TDBNSOYA, (To do business not sitting on your ass). Totally up to you my friend.

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