“what the fuck is this…?”

 What the fuck is this… A short one 

It is a new year, with new hopes and expectations, which is good enough, but, to be honest life can also bring you different perspectives. I just want to balance things out with this short essay, of course a bit sarcastic, but it happens to all of us, no?

I saw a picture with a saying that went like this about life:

  1. Birth
  2. What the fuck is this
  3. Death

It struck me, that for me, that is life in a nutshell. Apart from birth and death, there is a lot of “what the fuck is this” in between.

For me, life is a bitch, someone has to marry her and work with that fact.

So, let me give you my opinion on “what the fuck is this” thing.

Every day I wake up and wonder, “what the fuck is this”, already morning? I then get up and do my things, like taking my shower; “what the fuck is this?”, no hot water?, dressing up; “what the fuck is this?”, shirt broken and go to have my breakfast.

I boil the water in the cooker, the power is off, “what the fuck is this?”, so I do it the ordinary way on the kitchen-range. I open the can where I have my instant coffee and it is empty, “what the fuck is this?”, so I take some cocoa instead. Want to have some milk with it, open the fridge and see that there is no milk “what the fuck is this?”. Well, I can manage, take my cup pour some sugar and sits by the table, start drinking and the cocoa is too hot, I burn my tongue, spill the cocoa all aver my chosen outfit;” WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?”. I change my clothes, finish my cocoa, which at this time has cooled down a bit, I take my case and head to my car for work. Opens the door but see in the corner of my eye that I have a puncture, “what the fuck is this?”

This is a short fable from one of those days I had. It is part of the whole “what the fuck is this” thing. Now, imagine the rest of that day with your vivid imagination and I am sure you can figure out how the rest of the day went. Exactly; “what the fuck is this?”

In summary:

Work, love, marriage, kids, health, money and much much more, the list is endless, of “what the fuck is this”. I could go on for a long time, but chose to make it short. In the end, I think you get my point by now, life for me is a like this. For me personally, looking back on my life, and I have lived a number of years, consider this life most of the time, like stated “what the fuck is this?”

But then again, I go on, I struggle and I keep on fighting each day with a new hope that next day, this year will be a positive “what the fuck is this?”.

Going to bed that night, I experienced insomnia, “what the fuck is this?”.

So, I wonder “what the fuck” this year is going to have for me? “What the fuck” is it going to have for you?