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Free the Rebel in you…Frigör Rebellen i Dig…

Free the rebel in you … So, today I would like to take the chance to address, call it an annoyance if you like, or something else, but sometimes we need to release the rebel inside us. What do I mean by that? Well, as always, I base this on my own experiences and I have been brought up in the best way by my parents. With that said, I was raised to humbly and gratefully receive the gifts from heaven, bow, bend and to Continue reading →

“what the fuck is this…?”

 What the fuck is this… A short one  It is a new year, with new hopes and expectations, which is good enough, but, to be honest life can also bring you different perspectives. I just want to balance things out with this short essay, of course a bit sarcastic, but it happens to all of us, no? I saw a picture with a saying that went like this about life: Birth What the fuck is this Death It struck me, that for me, that is Continue reading →