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A thought of gratitude might be in place…Lite tacksamhet kanske är på sin plats…

A thought of gratitude might be in place … Sometimes I think life sucks, yes, true, I really do. Life is a bitch. When I sit there alone on my balcony and look out into the empty air and I’ve had a crap day, with many setbacks and difficulties to handle, I think just that, life is a bitch. At this moment, I sometimes remember that there are people out there who have or have had it worse and come back. This is a little Continue reading →

Follow you dream – or just do it!Följ Din dröm – eller gör det bara!

Follow your dream, or just do it, a matter of discipline. I want here and now to encourage everyone to grab their dream and make it a goal. I’ll just give an example of this as I just made that. I have always dreamt of writing a book and also be able to reach out to more with my words and my stories. Not just a book for learning purposes, but also a book in the form of a short story or novel. Fantasies about Continue reading →