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A sunrise to be seen…

A sunrise to be seen… Some mornings are just more fantastic than others. Some mornings come to surprise you just a bit more than others. Some mornings come to make you realize that nature is just fantastic. When that specific morning occurs and you see that specific sunrise, you just get blown away. When that specific sunrise colours the sky with a power as the heaven was on fire, you just need to conquer. When that specific sunrise fires up the heavenly sky and blow Continue reading →

Comfort and fearBekvämlighet och rädsla

Comfort and fear. When it comes to achieving your goals, I have come to the conclusion that it is basically two things that stop us from reaching them, or follow them, or indeed fulfil them. It is comfort and fear. I speak here from my own experience, and you may not agree with the way I see it, but let’s see if my experience can shed some light on this. Sometimes they go hand in hand, but let try to explain how I see it. Continue reading →