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You are my soldiers…

This was a speech I held for my sales officers in order for them to realize what is required to be a successful Sales Officer and what I expected from them. Enjoy: You are my soldiers.   I stand in front of you because we have a war to win a combat to fight and a battle to do. We need to be prepared, trained and suited up. I will give you all the things you need for this war. All the weapon you need, Continue reading →

Explaining – Demonstrating – Applying – ConsolidatingUpplysa – Visa – Använda – BefästaMaelezo – Uthibitisho – Kuweka – Ujumuishaji

E D A C In the previous post, I talked about raising Explaining, Demonstrating, Applying and Consolidating. I want to go a little further into this today. As a manager and leader, it is important for messages to get through to the company/juniors and implemented. To ensure that happens, the following has to happen; • Explaining – To enlighten and inform your employees on the task ahead. What to do, and when to do it. Take a simple example answering the phone. You should talk Continue reading →

What makes a good leader / managerVad gör en bra ledare / chef

What makes a good leader / manager? More often than not I am asked what skills a good manager/good leader needs to possess. Personally there are some things that I believe are vital and which I have worked on to be as good leader as possible. These skills have been fundamental for me to have as a base as a manager and leader. They are: 1. Focused on success and results, while you take a: 2. Clear role as a team player and coordinator. The Continue reading →