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Birger Axelsson – My father, my role model and my idol…Birger Axelsson – Min far, min förebild och min idol…

It has now gone 3 years since my father passed away, with this I want to salute him and honor him in my own way. My dedication to you father, I know you look after me from above, as I am now in your land, Tanzania. Birger Axelsson. What is there to say about my father? When I know that my opinion and view of him  will most definitely differ from others? Many have seen one side of him, I have seen another. And today, Continue reading →

First impression part 2Första intrycket del 2

First impression part 2 We continue with the ’first impression’ and I intend to go a little deeper today. I will show the importance of personal charisma and how you communicate. There are some studies done on the basis of this and I choose to focus on just that because as a seller we forget how important this is, concentrating more on sales techniques and product knowledge. As I see it, both selling techniques and product knowledge is of secondary importance. Truth is if you Continue reading →

I sit by her bed…Jag sitter vid hennes säng…

I sit by her bed as she sleeps so still I realize that the night’s good angels are present, spreading their broad and protective wings over her. I hear her calm breath, in deep sleep, as I marvel at her beautiful face, her soft skin radiating the room, her features… oh! I sure did get lucky finding love, love with a beautiful woman. My mind wanders to the day I first met her. When I got to hold her hand for the first time. How it slowly crept Continue reading →

First impression – part oneFörsta intrycket – del ett

First impression We previously discussed how to attain goals and what is needed to attain these goals. Now it’s time to discuss ‘The First Impression’; how you represent and how you sell yourself. Personally, I think as sellers, we underestimate and sometimes ignore the importance of ‘first impressions’ to have a successful sale. Remember that you rarely get a second chance to make a first good impression. It’s about you and your charisma, how you communicate, who you are or how you sell yourself, what Continue reading →