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Time, respect, promises, hopes and setbacks. I have as all of us gone through challenges, to say the least and what I have realized is that what I want and think is not always consistent with what other peoples believe and desire. In other words, what I perceive as one thing is not always perceived as such by the other party. To explain this, see below: • Time. It’s perishable and when once lost, will never be recovered, never! That said, I have experienced that Continue reading →

The most beautiful hands I ever met…De vackraste händer jag mött…

Sometimes in life we experience losses and more. This is my story of a moment where I lost someone very special. I just want to pay her a tribute. This is for you B, where ever you are… The most beautiful hands I’ve ever met. Sometimes something happens that affects you more than you ever thought. 2014-12-08, I just experienced such a thing. I woke up to the pep on my phone, a text message, half past seven in the morning. The sender was a Continue reading →

Your Personal LeadershipDitt Personliga LedarskapKujiongoza mwenyewe

Your personal leadership As we go into the leadership topic, we need to discuss personal leadership that is the basis of everything as it is all about the way you lead yourself. If you live on your own, you will find out that during adversity it might turn out that personal leadership becomes a challenge. The basis for us to develop as leaders applies theories that I have discussed in a previous post. To clarify this, the rehearsal process below: This is: Do an analysis Continue reading →

PPSR – Planning – preparation – structure and rulesPFSR – Planering – förberedelser – struktur och reglerMMMT – Mipango – Maandalizi – Muundo – Taratibu & Taarifa

PPSR Wondering what PPSR is? Wonder no more. Today we discuss how to proceed after realizing that you have a dream, made it a goal and are now prepared, ready to do what is necessary to achieve your goal. Making your dreams come true. Personally, I work under the following “laws”: • Planning • Preparation • Structure • Rules & Reports Planning. Whether it is on a sale, gym work out or finally quitting smoking, I know that planning is crucial. The goal has a Continue reading →