About BMT

Welcome to  BMT – Trading & Marketing!

I have now after many years taken the step into the virtual world.

I am Micael Tanzborn, with 35 years of experience in sales and leadership from many different industries, on several levels. Everything from self-employment to the global company’s work, with experience from my own business to Procter & Gamble as the other side of he coin. What I have seen is that the difference is what makes the difference, you just have to find this difference.

I have experience of different countries and different cultures but still sees that in terms of sales, enterprise and individual development, the similarity is greater than the difference.

Some personal data about me; I was born and raised in Tanzania some 55 years ago, hence my name. I have always considered that time one of the best times in my life and Tanzania and East Africa have a special place in my heart. For that reason I have now after some time fulfilled my dream and goal,  moving to Tanzania. I am placed in Arusha, I live and work here, I want to give back something of what East Africa and Tanzania gave me as a child.

My goal is to reach out to everything from companies to teams to individuals and to be that tool that makes the difference, giving the guidance on how to reach your goal and to grow, both professionally as personally.

I am here to help you, I am for you and I like to create success for you.

I guarantee performance and development, the only thing you need to do is to want.


Micael Tanzborn