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YCDBSOYA, (You can’t do business sitting on your ass) Yes, exactly. When I was a young and aspiring sales rep, this abbreviation, was put on a tie clip, and we who had this we were the cool guys. Anyway, it brings some sense to me, and why I take up this topic is due to the mindset of people out there that think that they don’t need to do the work, the nitty gritty things. They want all served on a silver plate. But sorry Continue reading →

When I am back on my feet again…

When I am back on my feet again… It has been a long time since I wrote something here, and with that said there are explanations for this, but it should not be an excuse to write, so after a conversation with a good friend to me, my friend pointed this out and proclaimed that I would share my thoughts when she thought it might be of interest. Said and done, I’m writing now, sharing with my latest scattered thoughts. Facing different challenges and difficulties, Continue reading →

Some kind of love…

Stars and suns Stars and suns Moons and planets In the universe, they are Waiting for a sign to move Sparkles and shines Glimmers and glows Into the world, they come and stay Showing the impossibility Thoughts and wonders Ponders and miracles Though, a few minutes late Proving the possibilities Mind over matter Phase below or above exquisiteness Time, elapsed, conquered and gone Displaying the obvious Corresponding opportunities Future and hope Living and loving Exposing the likelihoods Nova’s and supernovas Galaxies and Via Lactea Presenting Continue reading →

Free the Rebel in you…

Free the rebel in you … So, today I would like to take the chance to address, call it an annoyance if you like, or something else, but sometimes we need to release the rebel inside us. What do I mean by that? Well, as always, I base this on my own experiences and I have been brought up in the best way by my parents. With that said, I was raised to humbly and gratefully receive the gifts from heaven, bow, bend and to Continue reading →

“what the fuck is this…?”

 What the fuck is this… A short one  It is a new year, with new hopes and expectations, which is good enough, but, to be honest life can also bring you different perspectives. I just want to balance things out with this short essay, of course a bit sarcastic, but it happens to all of us, no? I saw a picture with a saying that went like this about life: Birth What the fuck is this Death It struck me, that for me, that is Continue reading →

Dear God

Dear God! Hello God, my creator and my companion in life. I’m writing to you because I have some thoughts and ideas that I want to discuss with you and maybe get some sense of. I want to share with you how I look at religion in general and you in particular. It is possible that what I write to you may be perceived as if I swear in the church, but these thoughts I had for many years and as time passes, the more Continue reading →

A thought of gratitude might be in place…

A thought of gratitude might be in place … Sometimes I think life sucks, yes, true, I really do. Life is a bitch. When I sit there alone on my balcony and look out into the empty air and I’ve had a crap day, with many setbacks and difficulties to handle, I think just that, life is a bitch. At this moment, I sometimes remember that there are people out there who have or have had it worse and come back. This is a little Continue reading →

Follow you dream – or just do it!

Follow your dream, or just do it, a matter of discipline. I want here and now to encourage everyone to grab their dream and make it a goal. I’ll just give an example of this as I just made that. I have always dreamt of writing a book and also be able to reach out to more with my words and my stories. Not just a book for learning purposes, but also a book in the form of a short story or novel. Fantasies about Continue reading →

A sunrise to be seen…

A sunrise to be seen… Some mornings are just more fantastic than others. Some mornings come to surprise you just a bit more than others. Some mornings come to make you realize that nature is just fantastic. When that specific morning occurs and you see that specific sunrise, you just get blown away. When that specific sunrise colours the sky with a power as the heaven was on fire, you just need to conquer. When that specific sunrise fires up the heavenly sky and blow Continue reading →

Comfort and fear

Comfort and fear. When it comes to achieving your goals, I have come to the conclusion that it is basically two things that stop us from reaching them, or follow them, or indeed fulfil them. It is comfort and fear. I speak here from my own experience, and you may not agree with the way I see it, but let’s see if my experience can shed some light on this. Sometimes they go hand in hand, but let try to explain how I see it. Continue reading →