Free the Rebel in you…

Free the rebel in you …

So, today I would like to take the chance to address, call it an annoyance if you like, or something else, but sometimes we need to release the rebel inside us.

What do I mean by that? Well, as always, I base this on my own experiences and I have been brought up in the best way by my parents.

With that said, I was raised to humbly and gratefully receive the gifts from heaven, bow, bend and to thank and be pleased with that. My parents did their best, in their desire to educate and raise four wild children, one wilder than the other, without contradiction that I was the one that created the greyest hair on my parent’s head, but I could never really find me in the fact that I HUMBLY and gratefully should receive the gifts from heaven and be happy with it.

I wanted more, I desired more and I needed more. I had a little rebel in me that said, “No, I do not accept this, I want to and can do more.” I realize now that I had this dissident in me, and that is precisely what I want to talk about today, because I think we all have one, more or less active, more or less visible.

With my upbringing in the back, I went on with life. I went to school, had difficulty with certain learning, now I understand why, some concentration issues and a way to study that did not suite me. This was with the learning standards way back in the days, even with today’s standards, for that matter, so I got tired and bored pretty fast. The rebel in me found it difficult to accept these, heavily rooted in the walls through decades and centuries of tradition, learning. The rebel in me thought differently, wanted another and made a partly revolt. I left school with decent grades, but had had enough of reading and chose work instead of universities as many of my other friends. I have to date only been primary school and secondary school, I have no diploma, no qualifications from colleges or Ph.D, Masters, or similar. The rebel in me wanted more!!!

Don’t get me wrong, learning is good, but we are different and we take in information differently. This square way of learning did not suit me, still doesn’t suite me. Surveys today show that I’m not alone in this thought. I also believe in all seriousness that the rebel in me made my writing and painting/drawing broaden my horizons, to compensate for my inabilities to learn, according to the tradition. I encourage you to see your artistic abilities and cultivate them, they breed creativity and make you see things from a different perspective. Start to write, paint or make music. It will be to feed the rebel in you and to take you forward, make you grow…

Humbly and gratefully receive the gifts of heaven and happily bend, bow down in gratitude was not my tune. To silently accept information and learning without having the opportunity to challenge and question was not for me. I started almost hating the word humble. So, I began growing my rebel instincts more, I began to follow my own heart, my own way and my own mode of looking at things. I decided to do things my way and never budge from my self-made ideology, my faith and my dream. I brought the rebel in me, when I do not know really, I nourished and fed him, I did the rebel in me to be my guiding light, my compass. Today, decades later, the rebel in me makes me stand on a reasonably firm foundation, completely suitable for me and my life, faith and insight.

It is clear that I often along the way until today and still do, run my forehead bloody in my quest to achieve things, dreams and goals, but I know that at the end of the day, it’s me and my choice which has done this and I cannot blame anyone else. It is also clear that during the road I made a lot of wrong decisions, actually a lot of really bad ones, even failed miserably and pervasive, both in my own as others’ eyes, but I’ve decided that there were lessons, shit that happens, experiences and ground for the farsightedness and, wisdom, by all means when that time is to come. It has also given me a more open attitude to other people’s problems and difficulties, call it empathy. I don’t judge and condemn others as easily and quickly anymore, that is of importance to me. The rebel in me has taught me life in a whole different way than what the school has been able to do.

As a young man, I was shy, believe it or not, but there came a day when I realized that my shyness and inhibition held me back, stopped me and obstructed me in my way forward, in my dreams, and stopped me from reaching my goals. I decided not to let this happen. The rebel in me released forces I did not know I had or existed. The rebel in me made me grow with new challenges and uncomfortable situations where I had to find ways and solutions that were outside the norm.

I remember my first sales training at a hair salon in Stockholm, one of the more “posh” and fine hair salons in the city. My nervousness was palpable, my knowledge was not completely on top and my skills only fairly good to say the least, but the rebel in me got me to “fake it until you make it”. The mission was successful and I grew, I evolved, thanks to the rebel in me.

The rebel in me has caused me to get where I am today, the rebel in me has made things like the humble and shy same Micael would never have experienced and the rebel in me has won victories that would not be possible with the humbly, obedient and submissive Micael. I’m glad I found the rebel in me and stood up for that side of me, despite the usual traditions and protocols. I am proud that I persevered, despite many grey hairs on my parent’s head, I can today present a fair side of me, the real and genuine, with all what that means.

My invitation and challenge to you now is to release the rebel in you and make it possible to reach a little bit further, achieving a little bit more and creating wonderful and amazing things, either by “fake it until you make it” or by any other means. Fight the war and long live the REBEL!!!