Dear God

Dear God!


Hello God, my creator and my companion in life.

I’m writing to you because I have some thoughts and ideas that I want to discuss with you and maybe get some sense of. I want to share with you how I look at religion in general and you in particular. It is possible that what I write to you may be perceived as if I swear in the church, but these thoughts I had for many years and as time passes, the more I want to discuss them with you, it itches so in my fingers to put this on paper.

As you know I was brought up in your spirit of my dear parents, have been fed with the Word of God morning, noon and night. Go to church every Sunday and have a holy day of rest. I was taught not to sin, which of course is a matter of definition, and to be honest and truthful, although it is also a matter of definition. Treat others as I want to be treated yourself, do good and show humanity, once again defining issues.

However, during my early youth, I really thought about what I had been fed with, did everything I could to live by this, did my litanies, went to church and sent my prayers with my desires, problems and thanks up to you, or wherever you are you.

But then something happened, I do not really know what, but it was as if my eyes were opened and I saw in your “house” people there in the moment, the image of holiness itself, but when they went out, it was as if they were someone else, another person. They did not live as they should, according to me. They were spurious. I also noticed that all the prayers and wishes I asked for, a job or love or other things and matters, infrequently were answered. I began to wonder and think, ponder and contemplate.

I also realized that at home something happened as well. That evening prayer, where I asked for my forgiveness for the sins I have done during the day, did not make the same effect anymore. I sent my prayer for forgiveness up to you and hoped that through this, everything was fine. But see, it was not like that, for in the morning, it could happen that the person I harmed was still sad and hurt. So, this is not how it should be.

Time passed and my thoughts slowly began to shape in a way I could and can live with. I got my “prescription” of you as I again, could and can live with, which made sense and is sensible for me. So, here it comes God, my view of you and how I live with you in my life.

  • I was born to your image and with it also said, with a part of the whole what you like God possesses, but in a much smaller scale, suitable for me in just the right dose of you in me.
  • I firmly believe that you have given us a part of your divinity, a “spark of God”, which means that I have in me a part of you and your strength, your capability to cope with most things in life.
  • I also believe that through this you maybe said something like this when I became me,
    • “Hey Micael, here I give you a life, and with it so I share some of my greatness, my divinity. I firmly believe that you Micael will cope with this life fully. You have a part of me in you. I would now like you Micael to live your life, make good choices, follow a guideline according to good principles and do good. I do not want you bothering me unnecessarily with petty issues or prayers for jobs or love or other nonsense because I have other things to do than to take care of you, now that I’ve given you a responsibility and a separate power of me, of God. Turn only to me in absolute emergencies. Keep in mind that I have about 7 billion other lost souls and among them a bunch of idiots who create fairly big problems, like war. I must take care of that and having said also situations that are more important than answering your questions and lead you. Again, I have given you strength, I have given you the ability and I have given you a part of me, so I know that you will manage. Just go for it. My “God Spark” my divinity I now have shared with you, so think for yourself and be sure to live a good life. I believe in you. You can if you want to. Trust yourself, be open enough to realize that your strength is my strength and all that stuff that makes you so great is a part of me, my gift to you. Do not despair, be strong, it is sometimes a little bit of a roller coaster, believe me, I know, but it turns around and gets better. I bless you hereby, even said, I expect a little divine work from you over time. Just remember who is behind all of your successes and all the good you do. Believe in your own “divinity” that I gave you. You can thank me later. Have a good time. See you later. Ciao! “   

So, in summary, I believe, and I live according to how I have interpreted it and are quite happy with this. What do you think God?

That said God, maybe I ‘swear in the church, but I cannot hold it in anymore. This is how I perceive you as the almighty. We’ll see if I’m on track or not. See you later. Ciao!