Follow you dream – or just do it!

Follow your dream, or just do it, a matter of discipline.


I want here and now to encourage everyone to grab their dream and make it a goal. I’ll just give an example of this as I just made that.

I have always dreamt of writing a book and also be able to reach out to more with my words and my stories. Not just a book for learning purposes, but also a book in the form of a short story or novel. Fantasies about how it would go, and how I sat by the typewriter in accordance with the role of the writer was obviously there. So I decided to make an attempt.

But amazingly enough, every attempt to do so ended in that I didn’t pursue more than a few chapters before I had another goal in mind. I lost focus, concentration and perseverance. I gave up the idea of ever writing a book. To sit and struggle, writing and continue finally became too much for me. I started counting words and pages instead of thinking about the story and the tale. The ideas were circulating, and I got another goal in mind. My mind drifted and the excuses started coming one after another, “There are so many books in sales, how can my book make the difference?” “Why do I think I can write a short story when all the other writers have made it so good?” So the work I started with ended up in a drawer far down, far away. I decided never to try. I gave up.

But since I started this blog on my website and through this page, put in some of my own thoughts into shorter chapters or posts, I have week after week wrote down what I thought was important to share. I have done this without the slightest idea of making a book, just write down my thoughts, ideas and reflections about life in general and development in particular. Uploaded them on the blog and then not thought more about it.

After doing this for a year so I went through what I had written and realized then and there that I had enough material for a book in sales and another book of goals and motivation. Imagine my surprise when I put them together into a more educational collection and got together to do just that, two books. Not just one book but two. Just because I have taken it calmly, and written not one book at a time without a little story at a time, at my own pace. I am extremely proud of what I accomplished. I have through my discipline born of a thought and plan to regularly post, followed the smaller goals that eventually become a bigger goal. Small goals along the way will keep you going for the big goal at the end of the road.

It is a matter of discipline and to just do it, it is not more difficult than that. A page a day is 365 pages in a year, or in my case a page in the week gets to 52 pages in one year. For me it is a fantastic result and I can now continue with my other plans in the writing world. With that said, I know there will be a book in the form of short stories, sometime. It is not ready yet, still under construction.

My purpose was and is to just follow my thought to through discipline write some short stories each week, here and there, with what I thought I wanted and still want to share with you. This has now led to that I have produced these two books. So really it is no more than an invitation and an encouragement from me to you, not to think too much, but make sure to start first and take one day at a time, one page at a time. The most important thing is to start. If I can, you can, I promise.

Just do it. Show discipline. Take it easy and do not rush. Suddenly it happens.

Don’t let a permanent decision to give up based on a temporary thought born of something else, kind of frustration, stop you from achieving your goal, whether it is writing or something else.

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