Alternative preparation

Alternative preparation

It’s time for me to tell you how I got into shape in an alternative way that might be contrary to any myth or belief.

Before the Tammerpokalen 2013, I had a structured plan on exercise and dieting. Just a disclaimer, everyone’s body is different so this regime might not necessarily work for everyone like it did for me. Speaking of which, I don’t know of anyone who would recommend this diet…….I went a little crazy with it.

In October 2012, I decided to start training again, in preparation for the competition in 2013, after a 5 year break. I was out of shape in more ways than one and I wouldn’t want to break the details of this because, well, it’s less interesting. Trust me.

My first session consisted of a couple of exercises that all involved the holding, carrying, lifting (you get the idea) of a 20Kg rod.

  • Bench press 1 * 20
  • Press behind neck 1 * 20
  • Bicep curls 1 * 20
  • Triceps press 1 * 20
  • Deadlift 1 * 20 with 2, 20Kg rods= 40 kg
  • Squat 1 * 20 with 2, 20Kg rods=40 kg

Given the poor shape I was in, I soon left the gym for home…….staggering. Completely exhausted!

This routine lasted for 2 weeks and every day after a workout, my muscles clamped up together with excruciating cramps. I wondered why I was even doing this to myself. I mean, sore muscle, body cramps and never ending pain, is not exactly anyone’s cup of tea, is it? But shame on those who give up……. I got into the drill, eventually getting used to it. Needless to say that the routines became more extensive.

In November, I received a message from Anders Graneheim about competing in Tammerpokalen because it would take place in the same building as I did my first competition in 1981, 32 years ago. Captured by the moment I replied “yes, of course!”

So for pure training purposes, the body began to respond in an incredible way and I was getting more and more psyched to manage the diet and workout program so as to get in shape, all in readiness for the Tammerpokalen.

The thing is that at the time I weighed about 93 kg, overweight by approximately 25 kg, I thought myself that it was around 10, but realized too late that my initial calculation was entirely wrong. Wrong but 13.

I really wanted to prove to myself (and to some degree, others) that it is possible to come back, and not only come back but to do it with a diet option. I had no great desire to diet on boiled chicken, rice, tinned tuna and other “boring” food so I decided to get a diet plan that I would enjoy.

The fundamentals of the diet, Prot Hol diet (protein+ wine/alcohol= Prot Hol) as I chose to call it, was as follows:

  • I like wine and had before I started with project Tammerpokalen, a consumption of approximately ½ – 1 bottle of wine was part of my day. I smoked and still smoke half a pack to a 1 full pack of cigarettes a day. I ate what was available starting the day with a cup of coffee that would settle my belly for a couple of hours until lunch, where I would look for something a little heavier or eat what was available. Availability doesn’t mean healthy.  My way of life is to enjoy each day as it comes and wine + food was a way of doing so.

I decided then to enjoy the day as much as it did, and for me food and drink (wine) is such a way. ‘My life was still sufficiently muddled, so why would want to add extra ‘pressure’ to myself?’ I reasoned with myself.  I worked for about 12 hours a day until the day of the competition. In addition to other challenges that I do not want to go into here and now.

By New Year of 2013, I weighed about 100 kg, with an improved physique, a slightly adjusted diet where became more careful with food and added on supplements to my daily diet. However, I continued with my bottle of wine a day.

In February 2013, I decided to record my workout program in a time sheet on Ms Excel, working out how much fat I need to lose to get to my end goal. At the end of the day, everything does add up in Math. So according to my calculation of intake and exercise, I would know how much fat I needed to burn once I sat on the bike.

In autumn and spring, I made four trips abroad where my routine training was suffering, not to mention the interruption my daily diet experienced.

I went to the competition weighing approximately 87 kg, in a ‘state’ where I would have needed an additional 4 weeks of dieting and vigorous workout. This, I realized about 6 weeks before competition day. With the time and effort that I had put into the preparation of the competition, I decided to go as I was, do as was required of me and I must say, I am quite proud of the results. Yes, I am. In as much as I failed miserably on dieting.

However, with the following conditions, I think I succeeded amazingly well, so here are all in the summary:

  • I drank my wine daily until one week before the competition.
  • I started with a 25kg overweight and ended with a competition overweight of approximately 4-5 kg.
  • I began my training after a break of about 5 years.
  • I smoked my pack of cigarettes daily.
  • I did about 12hr shifts a day at work until competition day.
  • I traveled to Spain and to Kenya twice to each country. My routine workout was interrupted and my poor dieting deteriorated.
  • Mathematical calculation of the required weight loss with activation from April 1. A miss calculation of approximately 4-5 kg.
  • Began practicing posing ½ weeks before competition. However, I had drawn up the schedule and memorized the routine.

Ok. I may have come in better form

  • If I trained better
  • If I have quit the alcohol
  • If I started with aerobic activity in good time
  • If I renounced my travels
  • If I ate better (boiled chicken and rice) from January
  • Maybe I would have had the perfect shape if I lived as an ascetic (one with self-discipline).

Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe……maybe if I had a better routine with my diet and workout, I would have gotten the best results. But I do feel good about the accomplishment. I guess it was all written in the stars.

So, it is possible to get in shape, just as you like.

So, it is possible to reach your goals if you ‘plan and dare’.

You can go your own way, despite what others think and say.

It is possible, everything is possible.