What makes a good leader / manager


What makes a good leader / manager?

More often than not I am asked what skills a good manager/good leader needs to possess. Personally there are some things that I believe are vital and which I have worked on to be as good leader as possible. These skills have been fundamental for me to have as a base as a manager and leader. They are:

1. Focused on success and results,

while you take a:

2. Clear role as a team player and coordinator.

The above will then turn into;

• Visionary and results oriented with clear goals.
• Passion and enthusiasm for both the company and projects at hand.
• Interacting with empathy and commitment to the employees.
• Clarity and sharpness in communication and information.
• Fair and impartial during decision making.
• Integrity and authority.

We have gone through the leadership steps and with that as a base, you can now incorporate the above. These go hand in hand with each other, while much of what I raised in PFSR is also fundamental to your success. To be a leader and manager is multifaceted and multidimensional; it is complex, making it all so exciting and challenging.

Let’s talk about the two factors above that will help mould you into a good manager, a good commander-in-chief as well as a great leader.  Consider it as me having warrior instincts as I have mentioned before that it is a struggle out there as a company (army), ), doing the very best to motivate and leading the people (troops) so as to win the order (battle). You must be prepared for this as your position allows you to lead staff and allocate resources in an optimal way. Hence the warrior mentality.

  • Visionary and results oriented with clear goals.

This means that you have a vision, a plan that will produce desired results in achieving the desired goal. The goal could be all about numbers and turnover, so if you can “paint the picture” in words your vision, you are able to show that you are prepared to do what it takes, and then some, to achieve the outcome and the goal then you have there already shown was the cabinet should stand. You should be well prepared for the unexpected to happen. Being unprepared is to prepare a failure.

  • Passion and enthusiasm for both the company as the work. 

Here the effort you put into your task and the work required to achieve your goals become evident showing your commitment to the company. Your passion shows, your fire gets so contagious, in turn, your staff sees this and they immediately start to channel your enthusiasm. Your managers will also see how dedicated you are to your task. You set the tone, structure of how to do tasks and the pattern of workflow. You will realize that when you have a good structure and strategy, then your work is of better quality.

  • Interacting with empathy and commitment to your employees.

Since you are the leader/manager, it is important to take note of individual and group-coordinated skills.  When you reach out to your soldier and give him/her the right help, training and weapon, the battle will be so much easier to win. Having a plan for your soldiers (employees) is as important as having one for the company. You teach and lead them by Explaining, Demonstrating, Applying and Consolidating.  I will explain more on E D A C in a later post. You should also have a coaching manner towards your warriors and train them to be as good as possible, so it goes along with their potential.

  • Clarity and sharpness in communication and information.

In communication and information, there is an obscene amount of evidence that employees do not get a grip of what a boss might have said or meant. You must be specific when it comes to explaining and your soldier’s g what you want and what the goals are. You have to be in synchronized communication, never being satisfied with vague explanations or answers. Your employees should learn to answer all work-related questions with utmost honest and clarity.

  • Fair and impartial when making decision.

You may have a ‘favourite’ employee that does everything right, one who grasps and understands information as soon as you relay it. You could also have those who really don’t care much about what you say or just choose not to get it. The way to be a better leader is to treat everyone with an individual stroke, looking at what everyone needs to be motivated and inspired. When you have created an inspiring and trustworthy atmosphere you are well on your way to becoming a great manager/leader.

  • Integrity and authority.

It hard being a manager/leader and at the same time being a ‘friend’ to employees or being one of the others. It’s obvious rule that the person who is named boss is treated like the BOSS. Keeping a certain distance from personal relationships with those under you ensures that you have fantastic relationships with them without necessarily going for ‘happy-hour’ drinks on Friday. To be in authority is a balancing act of poise and dignity as well as kind, guaranteeing you the respect you strongly deserve without being a dictator.

As a leader, you should be calm, collected and controlled as this will rub off on your employees. Even when you feel like you are losing it, use the “fake it till you make it” rule so your colleagues or juniors may perceive it as ‘STRENGTH’. In the. The same way a swimming duck looks calm over water but I’s kicking its ‘feet’ furiously underwater.

All in all, have a clear head, act cool with fire-filled enthusiasm and you will see the results; a better manager that is appreciated by everyone in the company as well as clients.