Discipline – How to reach your goals


It’s all about discipline today and how I discovered how important the ATTITUDE of discipline is.

I decided to compete for one last time. Yes, I know, I said that last time too, but this time around was more of an experiment where you get in shape even on a somewhat ‘controversial’ approach.

In January 2014, the last trip began, with a more strict diet, a more planned approach, an improved preparation and a structure that was well in, appropriate. Rules and reports was of course there as well as a given fact.

I went in with a precise target plan that I would normally implement in my work/career.

Part of what I did was stuff that I “hated” to do, but to get what I “love/desire”, so I had to do it. I am used to planning ahead as I would travel 100,000 KM or more in a year (both locally and abroad) for work.

January and February came, this included two trips abroad. I had given to eat right, train right and bring dietary supplements. When you are on the road so often (4-5 days a week), such a plan can be affected thus posing a challenge as I had to always ensure that the hotel I booked into had good gym or one nearby, pack gym clothes with me, pack a weeks’ worth of dietary supplements, including my protein powder and also watch my diet. However the beginning of a process/project is always a learning curve.

March came and I added one more tool to the rule and report system, I started to weigh in so as to monitor myself with hopes of getting the right proportion of muscle, fat and water. In that moment, it was only to develop mathematics, coldly calculating how many pounds had to be lost what these were in calories and what would be required to help shape the extra cardio activity and find a balance.

What I thought was the most challenging was to be able to get it right when I was on long trips, at fairs and had to plan everything. Overall, I was at two fairs, five foreign trips to Kenya, Germany and Spain with approximately 30,000 km in by road in Sweden and Denmark. I did it and found that amazing. If I had a job with set routines and fixed working hours, walking distance and no direct challenge in the actual planning of the day, I think it’s possible that I would have had more success. . I managed anyway, proving that it is possible, even with a travelling job. There are really no excuses. Either you do it, or not. I did it, so can you!

When I was in Kenya, I was very excited that I found a gym with very reasonable prices, minutes away from a furnished apartment that I rented for 2 weeks. I was able to keep up with my routine from Sweden.

I realize that I was compelled to discipline myself because I got good results through this challenge, a transforming development that became so through change. I had the desire to succeed and I did all I could to ensure that I was a disciplined enough.

Some measure and examples of discipline:

  • Food – I love food, but it takes discipline to keep up a good diet OK, I cheated sometimes with exclusive cod instead of regular canned tuna
  • Cardio – I’m comfortable by nature, but I was least comfortable to walk for 1 ½ hours in the morning plus 1 ½ hours in the evening during the last 3 weeks, that required discipline. I did what I “hated” to get what I “loved”.

When I came to last sprint of the challenge in June, I managed to do final touches and planned my trip to Mallorca, Spain where I would train and bask in the summer sun. I eventually ended up in Palma.

The day was as follows,

  1. 1 ½ hours of walk to and from my place for 2 weeks.
  2. Light breakfast
  3. Hitting the gym for 1 hour
  4. Light lunch
  5. Sunbathing for 2 hours
  6. Light dinner
  7. 1½ hours of walk to and from my place again.
  8. Sleep

I figured that if I did all this activity, I would consume about 34,000 calories which is equivalent to a little over 3 kilos. If I kept my diet to the planned 2000 kcal, I would get home around 3-4 kilos lighter. So I weighed myself before I left, completed my program with discipline and I got my 3 kg less. I’ll just say that Biology comes with a reduced turnover with age, I’m 53 this year and I know for sure that I would have never achieved anything without discipline.

Competition week came and it was interesting to see how my body changed, how it tightened up and the muscles became visible.  I got to work with a photographer who documented part of the process.

D-Day was on a Saturday, having done everything I could to get in shape, I was and still am very pleased with the results I achieved. I did not win maybe because my competitors did better, some competitors were 42yrs old in a  veteran class of +45 years and that  I missed a detail regarding my posing routine which meant I had  point deduction. At the moment, I was incredibly disappointed in myself for not checking up on avoidable mistakes but I later appreciated the work and effort I put into this challenge. I later realized after watching the clips that I gave the audience something that was out of the ordinary.

Through this journey, I have proved to myself and others that anything and everything is possible regardless of age, job or family situation. If you really want something, plan, prepare, have a structure, write down rules and reports along with what goal you have then add discipline to that list, you will make it.

Anything is possible if you have the discipline. Practice the discipline and ensure that the target is met.

Best of luck.